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Experienced Scopist and Court Reporter Teamwork 
The Perfect Combination!

Let my years of experience in a variety of venues work to your advantage.

I am here to give you the support you need to make your life more enjoyable and profitable.

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By partnering with a good scopist, you will:

Increase your income by spending more time reporting and less time editing.  

Have more quality time for family and friends.

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Experienced Scopist/Court Reporter teamwork
is the perfect com

Accurate Scoping Services 
for the Meticulous Court Reporter

Scoping by Scopist with 30+ years'admin experience

I am available to discuss your needs and look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

For reliable and professional service with extreme attention to detail, please contact me at any time.
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I am an experienced, professionally trained, full-time scopist providing full scoping services to official and freelance court reporters nationwide. I specialize in daily copy for state and district court trials, and I am usually available for most types of work and turnaround times.

I enjoy all types of subject matter and specialize in scientific and technical work, such as environmental law, groundwater contamination, asbestos-related and other medical cases, patent litigation, computer technology, engineering, financial, criminal, civil, et cetera.

Scopist Background and Experience

Support is provided to official and freelance court reporters on the latest version of
Eclipse CAT software.  As well, a complimentary T3 (Total Transcript Transfer) account is available to those reporters requesting audiosync services.

High-speed internet service ensures fast receipt and delivery of transcripts.  I use the latest version of software and maintain a current support contract with Eclipse to ensure no downtime due to software issues.  I am experienced with the latest software innovations and can provide realtime scoping via timed-interval files and Connection Magic.

References and testimonials from court reporters are available upon request.
Scopist Credentials and Experience

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